How to get rich without much effort. A simple secret

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How to get rich without much effort. A simple secret Today, there are more than 40 million millionaires on our planet (according to statistics).We will not analyze the reasons — they are far from the topic of our article.But to become a millionaire, you do not need to make any special efforts. To do this, you need a little "knowledge" about finances and the so-called "secret sauce".In this article, we will talk about how to start earning more money, how to increase your active income, and how to fill your wallet with money. to get rich.1) Become a materialist and stop "wasting money".Think about what you would like to do once you become a millionaire. And then think about how you can optimize your material (and non-material) needs while maintaining a high level of your income. Of course, you can dream about a yacht or a huge country house, rented out by friends, etc. But if you are serious about big money and adequate housing, then you should start to analyze your expenses and optimize your family budget. A big house with a pool in it will bring much more water and much more money, but you will not be able to escape from the oppressive effect of debt. Because you will have to make some effort to re-create your life, including finding a new job and improving your skills. 2) Start saving money and gradually form your "financial cushion". Start doing it more often —$ 100 will suddenly convince you that this is the right time to save money.And a small cap on the word "savings" in front of the money will also convince you to act wisely and cautiously.But if you don't save money, then you will not be able to enjoy your life and get rich. 3) Start investing and start buying stocks.These steps will allow you to gradually form an impressive capital, the income from which will fully support you and your entire family. 1) Read my article " Where NOT to invest money? TOP 3 most dangerous places for money". 2) Read my article " what skills are needed to become rich. "